ES35: Evaluating Control System Safety & Reliability



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Provides a tool chest of useful methods to evaluate the safety and reliability of control systems from relays through microprocessor-based systems, including sensors and actuators.

You Will Be Able To:

* Apply the rules of probability to quickly approximate safety and reliability

* Develop and apply a safety/reliability evaluation checklist

* Conduct a failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)

* Apply fault trees, reliability block diagrams or Markov models to the evaluation of 

   loop safety and reliability

* Evaluate the diagnostic coverage factor for a control system

* Understand the rules of common-cause strength

* Evaluate and compare the safety and reliability of various system architectures

* Estimate the parameters needed for safety and reliability evaluation

* Evaluate the safety integrity level of safety loop designs as part of an ANSI/ISA-84.01-1996 safety life cycle


You Will Cover:

* Safety and Reliability Evaluation: Purpose and Limitations | Qualitative vs.

   Quantitative | Benefits

* Rules of Probability: Summation | Addition

* Stress-Strength: Industrial Stressors | Strength Factors/Checklist

* Safety/Reliability Terms: MTTF, MTTR, MTBF | Reliability, Availability | Failure

   Rate - Bathtub Curve | Failure Modes - Safety, PFDavg

* Failure Modes and Effects Analysis: Objectives/Description | Coverage Factor


* Fault Tree Analysis: Objectives/Description | AND, OR Gates

* Reliability Block Diagram Analysis: Series Networks | Parallel Networks

* Markov Models: Failure States | Model Building | Model Solving

* Software Safety and Reliability: Complexity | Testability | Vendor Questions

* Fault Tolerance Systems: Redundant Architectures | Common Cause Strength |

   Diagnostics | Architecture Evaluation

* Safety/Reliability Checklist

* Safety Instrumented Functions: SIL Verification | Evaluation Methods


Classroom/Laboratory Exercises:

* Calculate probabilities of failure

* Evaluate the potential reliability of a control system based on design features

* Study a redundant system and develop a Markov model

* Given failure rate data, solve the Markov model for probability of failure on

   demand (PFD), a measure of safety and mean time to failure (MTTF), and measure

   of system success

* Given failure rate data, evaluate the SIL of a safety instrumented function using a

   combination of techniques


Course Length:

Length: 2.0 3.0 Days


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Includes ISA Text: Control System Safety Evaluation & Reliability, 2nd Edition.